Vice-Chancellors Visit DTI

Vice-Chancellors Visit DTI


As part of DTI’s agenda of pushing the Precision Quality Curriculum and advancing Technical Education in the nation, an open forum was organized by the institute to discuss relevant issues pertaining to TVET education in the country. The meeting was attended by Vice-Chancellors from various technical universities across the country on the 22nd of February 2022.

Professor Alex Dodoo, DTI’s Professor in Residence and Director General of the Ghana Standards Authority was in attendance with Madam Constance Swaniker and VCs of HTU, TTU, KTU, TaTU.

The meeting started with a tour of DTI’s green campus, after which all in attendance sat to discuss the relevance and future of PQ in Ghana TVET Education. The Ghana Standards Authority involvement and DTI’s collaboration to advance high standards in TVET was highly stressed in the meeting with the VCs emphasizing the need for high standards in TVET Education.

Indeed, this is just the beginning of revolutionizing TVET Education in Ghana and beyond.


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