DTI Is Transforming Youth TVET Livelihoods Across West Africa

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Our Code Of Conduct

Design & Technology Institute, above all else, is an inclusive and safe creative space for all members of its community, regardless of gender, background, or ability. The guiding values of DTI are defined by its Founder, Constance Swaniker, as personal courage, collective focus, earned individual freedoms, and uncompromising faith in the skilled arts.

Self-respect and respect for others, accountability for one’s actions, and truthfulness are expected from all in the community. Responsible stewardship of the environment and the health and safety of all community members is fundamental to our purpose. DTI is known for its excellence in execution, and humility guides our conduct with the general public. We advance ethical practice in all that we do- high standards of transparency, fair play, personal decency and individual accountability.

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