DTI Partners Multimedia Group to Drive the PrecisionQuality Movement

DTI Partners Multimedia Group to Drive the PrecisionQuality Movement


The Design & Technology Institute (DTI), champions of the Precision Quality movement has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Multimedia Group Limited (MGL) to drive the adoption of Precision Quality in Ghana. Through this MoU, DTI and MGL hope to create awareness about the PrecisionQualityTM movement. Precision Quality is a concept which is similar to the Japanese concept of Kaizen and its adoption leads to the production of world-class goods and services thereby creating jobs and transforming the economy.

The partnership with MGL will facilitate advocacy for wider adoption of PrecisionQualityTM (PQTM) by academia, industry, Master Craft Persons (MCP), artisans and MSMEs so as to build up their outputs to meet internationally recognized standards.

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of DTI, Miss Constance Elizabeth Swaniker is excited about the partnership with the Multimedia Group because of the possibilities this will open up for the nation and beyond and had this to say: “Over the past 25 years, I have worked on a number of construction projects in Ghana. I find myself working alongside foreign artisans who have been hired to do work that Ghanaians could easily do themselves if only we can change our mindsets regarding quality in industry, insist on standards and strive to meet deadlines.”

She remarked that PrecisionQualityTM is a very important tool that will help develop the right mindset and skills to address Ghana’s quality and unemployment issues.

She further stated that “The media initiates and charts the course of national discourse by setting the agenda on important issues in the country. They inform their listeners or viewers of relevant issues by educating, informing and entertaining them using their platforms to achieve change and development. It is, therefore, important for us to work with the media to achieve the development need of the country.” PrecisionQualityTM has also been shown to increase the profitability and efficiency of companies especially micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.


Dr Kodjo Mensah-Abrampa, Director General of the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) remarked that the media plays an important role in helping diverse consumers and industry players appreciate and accept policy initiatives that improve the quality of life.

He added, “the Multimedia Group presents a unique opportunity to reach people not only at the local level but in diverse local languages. This will go a long way to help people access information on PrecisionQuality from the comfort of their homes, places of work and in the language they understand. It will create an understanding of how poor-quality goods and services hinder business growth and enable them to embrace change in their behaviour.”

In his remarks, Mr Abdulai Awudu, General Manager for Adom Brands at the Multimedia Group, described the importance of the partnership with DTI from the media point of view. “We at Multimedia understand and appreciate what it means when you do things to meet standards. That’s why we say, we are a fearless and independent media house.”


He continued by saying that the MoU is timely and that the Multimedia Group is ready to help drive the adoption of PQ through its media platforms.

The MoU with MGL is part of DTI’s effort to work with key stakeholders including the Mastercard Foundation to help three million young people, particularly women find dignified and fulfilling work opportunities by 2030.

The signing ceremony was also attended by the Mastercard Foundation and management members of DTI.


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