Sponsor a Life…
Build a Future

Imagine West Africa the global center of manufacturing design and innovation. Beyond imagining this, at DTI we commit to this, building skilled and innovative problem-solvers one youth at a time.

  • Partner with us by lifting your child or a child in your community to be part of the creative future of West Africa
  • For the price of a foundation for a modest family home, you will lay the foundation for a lifetime
  •  The benefits? New practices, new thinking, new solutions, new jobs, new high-quality communities for tomorrow in West Africa

DTI is appreciative of in-kind donations, volunteer hours, and financial gifts. We look forward to growing from 100 students on our current campus to 2800 students on a permanent campus in the Greater Accra Region in the next several years. Come speak with us to explore how you can partner with us as we grow.

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Name of Bank: Fidelity Bank, Ridge Tower Branch
Attention: Lebene Aku Mawudor
SORT Code: 240101
Name of Account: Design & Technology Institute
Current Account Number (GHS): 1050032241418

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