DTI seeks 16 – 27 year old terminal JHS, SHS and HND certificate holders with ambition, the readiness to learn, and a commitment to hard work and passion & curiosity about the creative arts.

The web-based application is in two parts. Part I captures basic contact information, and explores your interests. We’ll send a message that Part I has been received. We’ll decide if you seem to be a good fit, and, if so, will invite you to complete Part II.

To access the second part, first pay a non-refundable registration fee of GHS100 using Mobile Money or VISA. We’ll send a message inviting you to complete Part II, a more specific set of questions. We’ll also ask you to upload an image of your JHS, SHS or HND certificate, to provide 2 references (choose your biggest fans!), and to select 2 time slots for a Zoom interview. We confirm the interview date within a few days.

We recruit talent that we feel can make the best use of our training and has the strongest likelihood of realizing the vision of transforming TVET livelihoods across West Africa. With a view to create a diverse, gender-balanced, livelong community of innovative artisan-leaders, we work with influencers in marginalized communities to nominate promising youth candidates. At the same time, we seek creative, highly-motivated youth from resourced families with the courage to forge a nontraditional TVET livelihood path.

You will be welcomed into a thriving student-led learning environment.

We have a commitment to ensure that our students receive the best pastoral care and support so that they feel happy and safe here and are therefore able to thrive and achieve academically and creatively. Our Student Services team is trained to work with young people and encourages collaborative support amongst students.

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