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About Us

DTI’s Mission

Transforming Youth TVET Livelihoods Across West Africa

Our Mission

  • To become West Africa’s premier industrial job training and prototype center within 10 years, graduating over 20,000 students annually
  • To expand the reach of DTI’s skills-training model to at least 7 of the 15 ECOWAS countries through partnership and acquisition
  • To advocate for an enabling environment in West Africa to support rapid formation and launch of innovative local businesses
  • To be an active agent to scale , sustainable, high quality manufacturing across West Africa

Our Code Of Conduct

Design & Technology Institute, above all else, is an inclusive and safe creative space for all members of its community, regardless of gender, background, or ability. The guiding values of DTI are defined by its Founder, Constance Swaniker, as personal courage, collective focus, earned individual freedoms, and uncompromising faith in the skilled arts.

Self-respect and respect for others, accountability for one’s actions, and truthfulness are expected from all in the community. Responsible stewardship of the environment and the health and safety of all community members is fundamental to our purpose. DTI is known for its excellence in execution, and humility guides our conduct with the general public. We advance ethical practice in all that we do- high standards of transparency, fair play, personal decency and individual accountability.

DTI’s intensive 1-year program is based on the integrated delivery of three initiatives piloted by A&A over the past decade and demonstrated to be successful in attracting, motivating, retaining, and generating higher sustained incomes for its graduates:
The Challenge Program
The Solutions Program
The Innovation Lab

The success of DTI’s youth training approach, prototyped by A&A, is formalized in its transformative Challenge Program. This seminal aspect of success will not be compromised and further distinguishes DTI from aspirant competition.

  • Excellence in architectural fabrication and apprenticeship training
  • Practice of global-standard worksite expectations, mindsets and behaviors
  • Remediation of basic skills literacy through digital instruction
  • Individual and group life-skills counseling

Students earn a sense of accomplishment and generate income from the sale of year-end projects. DTI’s network offers a life-long mentoring community to support student aspirations and career development.

The Solutions Program is the core fabrication skills training curriculum. It is a three-Module curriculum progressing through safety, health and creative aspiration orientation, to fabrication basics, applied welding, finishing & assembly, quality control & post-installation customer satisfaction & servicing. Production floor mastery of each Module is required to progress to the next.

The Solutions Program interweaves design-thinking into each digitally-reinforced fabrication skill lesson, with the understanding that mindset disruption precedes modern artisanal mastery.

The Innovation Lab is DTI’s initiative to place graduate apprentices into partner community businesses to help them scale as green enterprises,  and to design high-value product innovations for local fabrication and growing regional market demand. The innovation Lab will develop digital products and interactive content to deliver basic entrepreneurial  skills, foster ethical business practice, demonstrate customer focus, and model effective self marketing.

A select group of grant-funded innovation fellows is recruited from exceptional core students, outstanding BS/MS engineering interns from affiliate universities, and established area artisans, mentored by DTI faculty.

The Campus Innovation Fund, an annual set-aside to develop fabrication inputs from local resources to design quality, scalable products, to underwrite local company formation wit promising young entrepreneurs and to seed market research.